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Updated: June 15th 2016

Patrick Sexton

Patrick and Anna Sexton

I am Pat. My email is pat@varvy.com

I have done many things on the web and have enjoyed a great deal of success.

  • My first real website was acquired by a major hotel booking company.
  • My first company (Getlisted.org) was acquired by Moz.com and is now known as Moz local.
  • I have created over 550,000,000 adsense adviews.

I live in the Philippines with my wife Anna. I am in a good place with good people, and my only real job is to continually make this website better.

What is my goal?

To help people improve their websites and bring income to places where income is hard to come by.

Patrick Sexton at the beach

What is this site all about?

This site is first and foremost a free educational resource with tools and information of a quality normally only found on paid sites.

Why is Varvy free?

I write more in length about that here, but in a nutshell...

I am rather bothered that so many SEO resources cost so much money. The main SEO sites out there have almost all adopted paid subscription models where you have to pay to make the most of their sites or access their tools.

I do not like that.

To make things worse, the monthly cost of most SEO sites is far outside the range of what can be afforded by most people in the world.

This truly bothers me, and I can change it.

The reason Varvy is free is because there needs to be a free and trustable SEO site with tools on the web. I take it upon myself to be that site.

Most SEO tools are basically crap. They are used to gather information and promote paid services. I do not do that. In fact Varvy tools do not remember or record anything at all about sites that use them.

I do not sell anything on this site, nor do I offer services from this site.


I have been helping normal webmasters for over ten years and I like that. If you need help with a subject, let me know.

Feel free to contact me at pat@varvy.com

Advertising / Sponsorship

Varvy is supported by sponsors.

To learn about sponsoring this site (getting your logo in my sidebar) go to my sponsorship page.


Varvy.com receives hundreds of thousands of pageviews per month, typicaly 300,000 or more per month.

We are one of the top 20,000 sites on the web according to Alexa.

We have three main audiences.

  • Those learning about SEO
  • SEO providers
  • Advanced technical webmasters / front end engineers

Patrick Sexton