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Created: August 17th 2015

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What is connectEnd?

  • The metric connectEnd is the time immediately after the browser finishes establishing the connection to the server to retrieve the current document.
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Why measure connectEnd?

When you are measuring a network connection, it is helpful to seperate the connection itself from the request / response.

Establishing a connection vs using a connection

The connection event and a request / response event are different and connect start helps us measure the establishment of a connection rather than the use of a connection.

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The metric connectEnd 1 allows us to measure the end of the TCP connection time (the establishing of a connection).

What timings are found with connectEnd?

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When connectEnd is combined with the connectStart event the entire TCP connection time can be measured.

When connectEnd is combined with the secureConnectionStart event the entire SSL handshake connection time can be measured.

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