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Created: September 10st 2015

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What is domInteractive?

  • domInteractive is the time immediately before the user agent sets the current document readiness to 'interactive'.
  • The browser has finished parsing all of the HTML and DOM construction is complete.
  • It is the beginning of the browser dealing with page subresources.
dominteractive timestamp and browser

Why measure domInteractive?

The domInteractive 1 time tells us the browser is done processing a document, but has not yet dealt with the document subresources like css and images.

It is the beginning point of measuring the performance of subresources which will be dealt with.

The most important thing about domInteractive is that is represents that the HTML has been parsed and DOM construction from that HTML is complete.

state = interactive

We can begin to consider the critical rendering path in detail as the dom continues to load.

What happened just before domInteractive?

Just prior to the domInteractive was domLoading where the browser was parsing and dealing with the html file.

What happens immediately after domLoading?

Assuming all goes well, the next step is the browser actually doing the parsing / processing the subresources of the document such as CSS and images.

The name of the next timestamp will be domContentLoaded.

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