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Created: August 20th 2015

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What is requestStart?

  • requestStart is the moment the browser requests the current document from the server, relevant application caches, or from local resources.
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Why measure requestStart?

RequestStart 1 is the starting point of a HTTP request / response transaction.

Everything that has happened before the requestStart time involved finding the resource and establishing a connection. When we reach requestStart is when the HTTP request for a resource actually takes place.

Establishing a start point for the request / response will allow us to examine the HTTP process with precision.

What happened just before requestStart?

Just prior to the requestStart, we established a TCP connection.

The TCP connection time involved the timestamps connectStart, secureConnectionStart and connectEnd.

What happens immediately after requestStart?

Assuming all goes well, the next step is receiving the response / retrieval of the resource.

The next timestamp in a typical network request will be responseStart.

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