What does rel= mean?

> The use of rel= in html defines a relationship

Updated: March 16th 2016

What is "rel="?

  • In HTML "rel" defines the relationship between the document using it and the linked document / resource.
  • rel stands for "relationship".
  • The rel attribute typically explains why (or in what manner) you are linking to something else.

Patrick Sexton

html to amp


rel=amphtml is used within a HTML file that also has AMP version. It basically states that there is an AMP version of this document available.

rel apple-touch-icon


rel=apple-touch-icon provides an image that represents the current page for use on Apple devices (like a favicon, but for Apple).

rel author


rel=author indicates that the referenced document provides further information about the author. It basically states that the linked document is about the author of the page or article.

rel canonical


Using rel=canonical defines a preferred url for search engines which can help with ranking and duplicate content issues

rel dns-prefetch


rel=dns-prefetch allows you to pre-resolve DNS for specific domain names to achieve faster pageloads in many situations.

rel nofollow


rel=nofollow It indicates that a link is not endorsed by the original author or publisher of the page or that the link is of commercial / paid nature.