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Created: January 1st 2016

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My review of this program:

I am very impressed with the WP Engine affiliate program. I have used it on and off over the last year and can easily make over 1000usd per month with it.

Some quick stats:

  • My largest commission for one sale: 600usd (It is possible to make up to 7500usd from one sale).
  • My smallest commission for one sale: 200usd (The minimum is 200usd)
  • My average month: 1600usd (not including bonus and only using it on some of my pages)
  • Communication with this affiliate: Excellent. (I can email them and I get prompt responses and helpful tips and tools.)
  • My future plans with them: I am going all in with it this year - 2016. It will be on every page of Varvy.com, replacing Adsense for now.


Wp Engine provides bonuses if you make a certain amount of sales per month. The bonuses are from 100usd to 1500usd and you do not need to sell a million to get the bonuses.

If you make five sales in a month for example, you will receive 100 dollar bonus (meaning you would get at least 1100 dollars - 1000 for the sales plus 100 for the bonus).

You can see the entire bonus chart here.

Minimum of 200 dollars per sale

By providing such a large commission, they are by far the highest paying hosting affiliate out there.

Quality host that is WordPress specific

WP Engine offers the best WordPress specific hosting available, particularly from a performance stand point, so I have zero issues recommending them.

In fact I was recommending them before I looked into their affiliate program so for me it was perfect.

How to join

They use the Shareasale network, so if you have a shareasale account already, you can go here to login and it will automatically add you to the program.

If you do not have a Shareasale account, you will need to fill this out here.

Custom setups

If you make a few sales they will offer you a custom setup, where you will have a branded page on their site. This means a page on WPengine that is branded for you. You can also get your own branded coupon codes as well.

Here are the main reasons I am using it...

  • Large commissions - 200 dollars per sale minimum
  • Proven program that has paid me for over a year
  • 180 day cookie length
  • It is a two-tier program
  • Bonus program
  • Communication - you can actually talk to someone

Join the program here.

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